About us

The Lithuania Green Building Council (LGBC), launched in 2013, is a non-profit organization, actively promoting the creation of sustainable environment and spurring innovations in the design, construction and operation of green buildings in Lithuania.

Our mission is to stimulate the creation of sustainable environment and raise public awareness of the advantages of sustainable environment and innovations, contribute to the improvement of life quality for an individual person, the community and society, and take decisive measures to reduce the environmental effects.



Main activities

Lithuanian Buildings Sustainability Assessment System 

Lithuanian Building Sustainability Assessment System (LBSAS) aims to assess sustainability level of construction works (sites and buildings) in Lithuania in a professional, objective and transparent manner and afterwards to publicly declare it.

LBSAS has been elaborated relying on the globally acknowledged assessment methodologies (BREEAM, LEED, DGNB, etc.) and covers 8 areas: energy, transport, water and wastewater handling, materials/substances, waste management and pollution, project management, land plot use and ecology, health and well being.


Green Building Professional Certificate

Lithuanian Green Building Council (LGBC) in 2014 has initiated a training and accreditation program to provide greater certainty of the abilities of professionals from a variety of relevant disciplines including Architecture, Engineering, Business, Finance, Law, Construction, Materials & Technology providers and Facilities Managers.

The program is jointly organized by LGBC and partners. The program is designed specifically to ensure cross training between different disciplines as more efficient collaboration is a critical factor in delivering successful green building projects. The courses are currently provided in English and include both theory and practice from experts active internationally.

Green Building Professional Certificate provides recognition in the market place that the professional has been trained in the core concepts necessary to be a useful contributor to successful green building projects. This program is designed to assist professionals in helping their project and clients achieve the highest scores on the required Energy Audits and private, voluntary building rating system (including Lithuanian Buildings Sustainability Assessment System, LEED, BREEAM, etc.).



Joining LGBC will enable you to become part of a growing network, advancing the latest innovative building practices. By this you can demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, educate your staff, influence Government policy, and take part of a range of other activities. Members receive the exclusive access to resources, education and programs.

How to become a member? Fill-in a request form which can be found in our website here and send it together with a brief motivation letter why you want to join LGBC by the email info@lzpt.lt. We will discuss your candidature and inform you about our decision afterwards.